KM 1024 head has 1024 nozzles which equal to two KM512 print heads and eight 128 print heads, higher printing speed with less print heads;
With less print heads, physical calibration can be easily and accurately finished, which can avoid the deviation in physical calibration compared with more print heads, then the printing quality can be entirely enhanced;

Konica Minolta 1024 / 42pl

KM 1024 print head can improve the printing quality obliviously when prints on back-lit banner, pvc and some special colors, which can meet the requirement of high–end clients.

Printing Quality Enhanced
1. Feather printing function;
2. Micro adjustment of step value during printing;
3. Simple print head calibration made can easily controlled by operators;
Print head voltage is changing with temperature, automatic and accurate adjustment of double voltages in each print head;
5. Fixed color sequence for printing, which can avoid the aberration in round-trip printing special colors in 2 pass.

KM 1024 Series

New 72mm-Wide Inkjet Print head, Reducing Energy Consumption by 50 %
1024 360 42pl 72mm 8 levels Solvent
Nozzles dpi Ink drop size print width Grey scale Ink

Major improvement in productivity by use of 1024 multi-nozzles and realization of wide print width of 72mm
Increased grey-scale levels produce richer tones and more subtle gradients making the print head even more attractive to existing and new print applications.
The KM 1024 Series features environmentally considerate products (With Green Product Approval*)

Print Head Name KM1024LNB
Technology Peizo Drop on Demand (Shared wall 3 cycle)
Resolution 180dpi x 21lines=360dpi
Number of Nozzles 512nozzles x 2lines =1024nozzles
Nozzle Pitch 70.5 micro (141 micro 2 lines)
Drop Size 42pl
Max Frequency 6.7 kHz
Printing Width 72mm
Dimensions W131mm x D18mm x H89mm
Weight 150g
Grey scale 8 levels