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Colajet Eco Solvent Printer

Colajet Eco Solvent Printer triumphs in printing industry.



  • High -quality prints with vibrant colors & sharp details
  • Economical and stable
  • Value For Return
  • XP 600 Heads

            Efficiently Prints On Applications :

  1. Eco-solvent or UV-curable inkjet printers for outdoor durability.
  2. Lightweight, tear-resistant materials and use dye-sublimation or latex printers.
  3. Digital printing technologies like latex or UV-curable inkjet printers.
  4. inkjet printers for vibrant, sharp prints.
  5. Professional-grade photo paper for superior color and durability.
  6. High-resolution inkjet printers.

The Colajet Eco Solvent Printer is an eco-solvent ink system that delivers vibrant, durable prints for indoor and outdoor use. It handles various materials and sizes, ensuring versatility and accommodating customer needs. Its high-resolution output and color accuracy make it an ideal choice for photographers, artists, and businesses. The printer’s automation features and print queuing software improve productivity, leading to faster production times and reduced operational costs.