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We are prominent traders and exporters of Cutting Plotter. Our comprehensive range is known for its simple operations, smooth functioning, high quality, productivity and durability.  computer-controlled machines used for cutting various materials such as vinyl, paper, cardboard, and fabric into intricate shapes and designs. They work by using a sharp blade that is mounted on a carriage,
which moves along the X and Y axes to cut the material in the desired shape. Cutting plotters are commonly used in the sign-making industry for cutting vinyl letters and graphics for signs, banners,

and vehicle graphics. They are also used in the apparel industry for cutting pattern for clothing, as well as in the packaging industry for creating custom packaging designs.
There are two types of cutting plotters: flatbed plotters and roll-fed plotters. Flatbed plotters have a flat cutting surface, while roll-fed plotters use a roll of material that is fed through the machine.
Cutting plotters are typically controlled by specialized software that allows users to create and edit designs before sending them to the machine for cutting.
The software also controls the movement of the cutting blade and other settings, such as speed and pressure.
Overall, cutting plotters offer a precise and efficient way to cut a wide range of materials, making them a valuable tool for various industries.

Cutting plotter machine are commonly used in the sign-making, garment, and packaging industries, as well as in other fields where precise cutting of materials is required. They are versatile and easy to use, making them an essential tool for many businesses and individuals.


Some cutting plotter are equipped with advanced features such as laser-guided contour cutting and automatic material detection, making the process more efficient and accurate.