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Colajet Uv r2r-i3200 Printer

The Colajet UV R2R-i3200 printer is a revolutionary addition to large-format printing, offering unmatched speed, exceptional image quality, and eco-friendly features. Its speed boosts productivity and accelerates turnaround times, making it ideal for banners, vehicle wraps, and large signage. With advanced UV ink technology, it delivers vivid colours and sharp details, leaving a lasting impression. The printer supports various flexible materials, allowing businesses to explore diverse applications, empowering creativity, and bringing their visions to life. The Colajet UV R2R-ii3200 printer is a greener, eco-friendly solution for businesses, featuring UV ink technology free from harmful VOCs and efficient ink usage. Its user-friendly interface and control panel streamline the printing process, making it a powerful tool for businesses seeking superior performance, speed, and environmental responsibility.

This is commonly used in a variety of industrial printing applications, including:

Packaging and Labels: Colajet UV R2R i3200 printer efficiently produces product packaging and custom labels, enabling personalized solutions.
Outdoor advertising: Colajet UV R2R – i3200 printer excels in outdoor advertising, producing durable materials for street banners, building wraps, and transit ads.
Photographic prints: Colajet UV R2R – i3200 printer delivers high-quality prints with colour accuracy and sharpness.
Wall murals and wallpaper: Colajet UV R2R i3200 printer effortlessly transforms interior spaces with wall murals and custom wallpaper.