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Cutter Cutting Plotter

We are engaged in offering Foison Cutting Plotters to the customers. These cutting plotters are primarily large scale cutting machines, which can be used for cutting larger images (letters or numbers). Foison Cutting Plotters are known for their durability and high efficiency.


The Cutter Cutting Plotter is a cutting-edge digital cutting tool that offers precision and efficiency in various industries. Its key features include precise cutting, versatile material handling, high-speed motors, a user-friendly interface, and automatic contour cutting capabilities. The Plotter is particularly useful in signage and graphics production, textile and apparel design, packaging prototyping, automotive graphics and decals, and crafting and DIY projects. Its precision cutting capabilities make it an essential tool for creating vinyl letters, logos, and graphics, while its versatility allows for the creation of intricate designs and intricate patterns.

Technological advancements in the Plotter include smart cutting algorithms, wireless connectivity, enhanced durability and cutting force, and cloud-based collaboration features. These innovations ensure the Plotter’s relevance in diverse creative and industrial applications, promoting continued excellence in precision crafting in the digital age. The Cutter Cutting Plotter’s versatility and technological innovation make it a valuable tool for creating impactful signage, intricate textile designs, and personalized DIY projects.


Model SK24

Acceptable media width 720mm

Max. cutting width 610mm/24inch

Main board high speed arithmetic microprocessor, infinite cache

Interface RS232C, USB

Control Panel 10Silica gel buttons

Driver digital DC, step motor, micro-step driver

Display 4*8 high resolution LCD

Drawing instruction HP-GL, DMPL

Max. cutting speed 600mm/s

Max. cutting thickness 1mm

Pressure 50g~800g adjustable

Mechanical precision(mm) 0.025mm

Repeat accuracy < ±0.1mm

Power supply AC90~240V/50Hz~60Hz

Positioning mode bounded system, random original point setting

Work mode roller

Operating environment temperature: 5 – 35 degree celsius

Relative Humidity:30%-70%

Support mode desktop/stand (optional)

Weight(kg) 12kg

Dimension(mm) 890*265*270



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