The ECO Solvent Machine is a revolutionary printing technology that combines precision with environmental consciousness. It uses eco-solvent inks, derived from environmentally friendly formulations, resulting in reduced environmental impact and improved operator safety. The machine is versatile in substrate compatibility, allowing it to print on various materials like vinyl, canvas, fabrics, and coated and uncoated media. It delivers high-resolution prints with vibrant details, making it ideal for intricate graphics and fine text. The machine’s outdoor durability ensures weather-resistant prints, making it suitable for outdoor signage and graphics. Its low maintenance requirements ensure long-term reliability and consistent performance. The ECO Solvent Machine is widely used in signage, indoor graphics, and vehicle wraps, making it a game-changer in the printing industry.The ECO Solvent Machine is a cutting-edge printing technology that combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to environmental sustainability. It uses eco-solvent inks, a greener alternative to traditional solvent inks, to create vivid, durable prints while minimizing the environmental footprint. The machine’s versatility in substrate compatibility allows it to print on various materials, including vinyl, canvas, fabrics, and coated media. It also delivers high-resolution prints, ensuring vivid details and durability. The machine has low maintenance requirements, ensuring reliable and consistent printing performance. It is widely used in various industries, including signage, outdoor graphics, indoor graphics, vehicle wraps, decals, labels, and custom apparel and textiles. Advantages of ECO Solvent Printing include environmental sustainability, odor-free printing, a wide color gamut, and reduced health and safety risks. The machine’s versatility allows for the production of personalized textiles, clothing, home decor items, and promotional merchandise. As businesses prioritize green practices, the ECO Solvent Machine represents a revolutionary step forward in printing technology, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly solution without compromising on print quality.


Number of Print Head : One Head

*Print Width : 1820mm (72’’)

Resolution : 360×720, 360×1080, 720×720, 720×1080, 1440×1440 (dpi)

Max Speed Mode : 17sqm/hr 28sqm/hr

Quality Mode : 12sqm/hr 21sqm/hr

Precision Mode : 8sqm/hr 15sqm/hr

High Precision Mode : 5sqm/hr 7sqm/hr

Ink Type : Eco Solvent Ink

Color : 4 CMYK