Jiagma Servo Arms Counter Cutting Plotter

Product Details:

Classification Single-blade Cutter
Driven Type Electric
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Max Plotting Speed (mm/sec) 960 SPEED FOR BOTH MODELS
Max Cutting Width (mm) 28INCH TO 54INCH TO MODELS



Product Details:

Classification    Single-blade Cutter
Driven Type    Electric
Blade Material    Stainless Steel
Max Plotting Speed (mm/sec)    960 SPEED FOR BOTH MODELS
Max Cutting Width (mm)    28INCH TO 54INCH TO MODELS
Jiagma servo countur cutting plotter

Automatic registration mark system arms

All four registration marks are automaticly detected by the jiagma servo arms system, there is no need to manually move the carriage simply place your vinyle in the cutter, activate the arms system and the cutter does the rest.

Contour cutting multiple images is just as easy as cutting one single image cutting multiple images accurately using the jiama servo arms system results in significant increases in productivty.