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Jiagma Servo Arms Counter Cutting Plotter

Product Details:

Classification Single-blade Cutter
Driven Type Electric
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Max Plotting Speed (mm/sec) 960 SPEED FOR BOTH MODELS
Max Cutting Width (mm) 28INCH TO 54INCH TO MODELS


The Select Jiagma Servo Arms Counter Cutting Plotter is a precision and innovative tool in digital design and production. Its cutting-edge Servo Arms technology ensures unparalleled accuracy in cutting various materials, making it a reliable solution for intricate designs and detailed projects. The plotter’s versatility across materials, from standard vinyl and paper to specialized materials like reflective films and heat transfer vinyl, accommodates diverse creative and industrial needs. Its automatic contour-cutting capabilities enhance its functionality, ensuring precise alignment and cutting along the design’s contours. The user-friendly interface ensures that beginners and experienced operators can maximize the plotter’s capabilities with minimal learning curve.

The Select Jiagma is used in various industries, including custom sticker and decal production, apparel decoration, signage and graphics, packaging design, and crafting and DIY projects. Its Smart Servo Arms System optimizes cutting parameters based on material and design complexity, while wireless connectivity allows for seamless communication with design devices. The Select Jiagma’s durability and cutting force are enhanced through motor technology advancements, ensuring it can handle a wide range of materials without compromising on precision. Cloud-based collaboration features facilitate real-time updates and version control.


Product Details:

Classification    Single-blade Cutter
Driven Type    Electric
Blade Material    Stainless Steel
Max Plotting Speed (mm/sec)    960 SPEED FOR BOTH MODELS
Max Cutting Width (mm)    28INCH TO 54INCH TO MODELS
Jiagma servo countur cutting plotter

Automatic registration mark system arms

All four registration marks are automaticly detected by the jiagma servo arms system, there is no need to manually move the carriage simply place your vinyle in the cutter, activate the arms system and the cutter does the rest.

Contour cutting multiple images is just as easy as cutting one single image cutting multiple images accurately using the jiama servo arms system results in significant increases in productivty.



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