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Konica 512i h8+ Model


The Konica 512i h8+ Model is an upgraded version of the Konica H8 512i. printhead, which is a high-speed industrial inkjet printhead. Designed for high-quality printing on a variety of materials such as textiles, paper, and plastic.

This features a higher frequency of 30kHz, which enables faster print speeds and higher resolution output. It also has improved drop placement accuracy, resulting in better print quality and consistency. Additionally, the Konica 512i h8+ has a more robust construction, making it more durable and longer-lasting.

The Konica 512i h8+ printhead is suitable for use in various industrial printing applications such as packaging, labeling, and wide-format printing.

It is high-speed printing capabilities and high-quality output makes it a popular choice for businesses that require reliable and high-volume printing capabilities.

Uses of Konica 512i h8+ Model

The Konica 512i h8+ model is a high-speed industrial inkjet printhead that is designed for uses:

  1. Label Printing: this can also be used for printing on labels for food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. Its high-speed printing capabilities and precise drop placement ensure that the labels produced are of high quality and consistency.
  2. Packaging Printing: The Konica 512i h8+ can be used for printing on packaging materials such as cartons, boxes, and bags. Its high-speed printing capabilities, combined with its ability to print high-quality images. And the text makes it ideal for high-volume printing of packaging materials.