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Konica h8 512i Inwear

Konica h8 512i Inwear is an industrial inkjet printhead designed for high-speed printing on a variety of materials whereas, including textiles, paper, and plastic. It features 512 nozzles and can achieve resolutions of up to 720×720 dpi, producing high-quality prints at high speeds.

The printhead itself is only one component of the printing process, and it requires other components to function properly. The Konica H8 512i is commonly used in industrial printing applications such as textile printing, packaging, and labeling.

It is known for its reliability and durability, making it a popular choice for businesses. That requires high-volume, high-quality printing capabilities.

Uses of Konica h8 512i Inwear

This is commonly used in a variety of industrial printing applications, including:

  1. Textile printing: The Konica H8 512i is ideal for printing on fabrics, including natural and synthetic materials.
  2. Packaging: The Konica H8 512i is used for printing on packaging materials, such as paperboard as well as corrugated cardboard, and flexible packaging materials.
  3. Commercial printing: The Konica H8 512i is used for high-speed, high-quality printing on a variety of commercial materials, including paper, cardstock, and plastics.