The UV Roll-to-Roll Printer Machine is a revolutionary technology in large-format printing, offering precision and versatility. It uses UV curing technology to instantly cure and harden inks on the printing surface, resulting in vibrant and durable prints. This technology supports a wide range of printable materials, including flexible substrates like vinyl, fabric, and film. The printer is designed for roll-based applications, allowing for seamless and efficient printing of large-format projects. Its high-resolution printing capabilities ensure sharp and detailed images, making it suitable for various industries.

The UV Roll-to-Roll Printer is versatile, allowing it to print on a wide range of substrates, including vinyl, canvas, polyester, and synthetic materials. Its instant curing process results in a swift turnaround time, enabling businesses to meet tight deadlines and increase productivity.

The UV Roll-to-Roll Printer is widely used in outdoor and indoor signage, textile and soft signage, packaging and labels, vehicle wraps and graphics, and exhibition and event graphics. Its advantages include durability, scratch resistance, environmental friendliness, substrate selection versatility, and quick job turnaround. As industries continue to demand superior printing solutions, the UV Roll-to-Roll Printer Machine remains at the forefront, defining new standards in precision and efficiency for roll-based printing applications.



Model No. AETECS-2513G
Printing Dimension 2500mm x 1300mm     2000mm x 3000mm
Printhead RICOH – Gen5/7PL(3/4 heads)
Printhead Height Adjustable 0-80mm
Printing Resolution 300x360dpi 360x720dpi 720x720dpi 720x1080dpi 720x1440dpi 1080x1440dpi
Draft Speed 42 sqm/h(With 3 Print Heads)
Standard Speed 32 sqm/h(With 3 Print Heads)
Quality Speed 26 sqm/h(With 3 Print Heads)
Photo Speed 18 sqm/h(With 3 Print Heads)
Ink UV/ECO Ink
Ink Color C M Y K Lc Lm W Vanish(8 Color) 167 Million Colors
Image Format JPG, TIF, PDF, PNG, EPS and etc
RIP Software Main top/Photo PRINT/Wasstch Intertional Standard ICC Configuration
Curving Mode LED-UV Light/Power Consumption 400W, Fast Dry
Power Input AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Printing Mode ≈ 3500W, Sleep Mode ≈ 600W
Printer Size L4200mm W2100mm H1400mm  L3500mm 900mm H1400mm
Printer Weight 900 KG                                          1350 KG