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Roll to Roll Printing

Wide format printing refers We have an enticing range of digital printers. Manufacturer of CNC Routers & Flex Printing Machines which has large printing width  high productivity. We supply the best digital printers and use the latest embedded system. Our excellent quality has brought revolution in the outlook of the customers on printing technology.

Roll to Roll Printing

Roll to Roll Printing

Is a digital printing technique where a material (such as paper, vinyl, fabric, or film) is unrolled from a roll. Fed through a printing press to produce continuous prints. The printed material is then wound onto another roll for cutting, finishing, or further processing.

Is used for a variety of applications, including large-scale banners, billboards, signs, wallpaper, floor graphics, and textiles. It is particularly well-suited for printing on flexible. Thin materials that are difficult to print using traditional flatbed printing techniques.

One of the benefits of roll-to-roll printing is its high-speed and high-volume production capability, allowing for quick turnaround times and cost-effective mass production. Another advantage is the ability to print on a variety of substrates, including heat-sensitive materials, that may not be suitable for other printing methods.

 Come in different sizes and configurations, and can be designed for various printing technologies, such as inkjet, UV, or solvent-based printing. The choice of printer depends on the specific application and desired output quality.

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