Product Details:

Brand/Make AETECS
Model/Type RICOH GEN5 UV Printer
Capacity 450PER HOUR CMYK


Flatbed Series UV printing machine High Capacity UV flatbed Printer
Satisfy international production standards for industrial products
Adopt 8pcs Ricoh GEN5 print heads maximum ensure high speed printing. Under high quality printing mode, also can print 48sqm/hour. At the same time, in order to further improve the printing quality, using 180mm steel quenching processing, ensure the head carriage’s accurate and fast speed printing. The new double lead screw stepper drive system, can achieve the perfect performance of each PASS coverage, eliminate the shade stripes. The print head with double negative pressure ink supply system, can achieve the cleaning maintenance of both single ink supply channel or whole ink supply channel, ensure the ink fluency under high-speed printing, greatly saves the maintenance time. High performance imported LED light curing light, can instantly cure ink, to ensure that the quality of printing and the super adhesion on a variety of materials.

Exquisite output quality

Newest RICOH patent intelligent variable ink drops technology, small drops can show amazing details and sharpness, and show better color density; middle drops is used to show tone change of light and middle tones; large drops can fast cover larger density area.

More functions to expand more business areas

More flexibility and versatility, can handle more types of applications. Easier to expand the business area, improve profitability.

Directly print on a variety of special shaped materials, thick or highly sensitive, such as glass, etc. any reasonable materials can be imagined.

Using hard oxydic vacuum adsorption platform, makes the printing platform higher hardness, and is not easy to be damaged by hard materials.

To accurately achieve double-sided printing, chromatically printing, color+ white+ color printing.

White ink application, can print image on dark color materials or transparent materials. Can realize the edge to edge full format printing, the maximum printing plate size is 1.26×2.51m.

After load materials on the platform, you can print directly, eliminating the troubles from the crawler-type or roll-plate type etc. printers which need to be tested and adjusted their material moving step path.

High Speed Printing 48sqm/hr
Output Size 1.26×2.51m
Even in the fast printing mode, also can get equisite output quality.

Cooperate with the international top brands, stable and easy to use

Humanized print head collision avoidance function, can ensure that when the print head position is lower than the printing material, stop the head carriage movement, to avoid the head damage caused by wrong operation and poor quality material.

The thickness of the material is automatically detected, the height of the print head is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the material, and the production automation degree and the output quality of the image are improved.

Material positioning system allows customers to quickly and easily load the printing material, simplify the image positioning, thereby ensuring the high efficiency of print production.

White ink will circulate continuously during printer working, the ink is more fluid, to ensure that the ink does not miss in the process of printing, improve the using performance of white ink.

All-round Printing

American origin UV light curing ink, you can achieve the perfect color performance and can also be compatible with more kinds of print materials.

Can directly print on PVC, glass, ceramic tiles, leather, decorative panels, metal plates, wood, mobile phone shell, and all the other flat materials.

With a wider range of material applicability, we provide multi lines and multi fields professional solutions and application support.

Partner with you hand in hand

We will continuously provide customers upgrade services from hardware to software .

We will provide you with an overall solution for the industry, to help you develop new business areas, enhance product competitiveness and enterprise value.

Flatbed Series UV printing machine High Capacity UV flatbed Printer


Technical Specifications:

Printer AETECS-RICOH GEN5 UV  Printer
Machine Type High Capacity UV flatbed Printer
Print Technology intelligent variable ink drops technology, grey scale print technology
Print Head Number Ricoh GEN5 double color print head 2*640 1280 nozzles Max. 8 heads
Resolution 1200x1200DPI 7-21 pl variable ink drops, photo degree output quality, minimum 2pt letter
Printing Speed
Fast Mode 48sqm/h
Production Mode 36sqm/h
Quality Mode 24sqm/h
Ink Supply System
Ink Curable UV Ink
Ink Color C M Y K W V
Ink Capacity 1L(2.5L Ink tank)
System Design
Vacuum Table hard oxydic vacuum adsorption platform, mechanical drive
Max. Print Size 1.26×2.51m
Data Port 3.0 USB
Input Format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF , JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
RIP Maintop/Photoprint/ONYX Thrive V11.1/ Caldera 10
Operation Environment
Electric Supply Two phase electric, 220V AC, 50/60Hz, 20V
Power 6.5KW
Max. Air Pressure: 120psi/723kpa
Air Pressure Peak Flow: 100psi/960kpa Pressure time flow 340L/M
Continuous flow: 100psi/960kpa Pressure time flow 28L/M
Environment Temperature 18ºC-30ºC
Relative Humidity 30%-70%(some media request lower relative humidity scope, details according to requirements of relative materials
Elevation Limit 2.00m
Printer Dimension 3.2MX2.1MX1.6M
Table Height 0.93m
Weight 800kg
Media Types Glass, acrylic, wood sheet, ceramic, metal sheet, PVC board, Corrugated plate, plas