The Eco Solvent Printer – XENONS X4 is a flagship eco-solvent printer that combines precision, versatility, and a commitment to sustainability. It offers high-resolution printing with sharp and vibrant details, making it ideal for intricate graphics, fine text, and photographic reproductions. The printer’s wide substrate compatibility allows it to print on various materials, making it suitable for diverse industries. The eco-solvent inks contribute to a greener and more sustainable printing process, reducing VOC emissions. The printer’s user-friendly interface allows operators to manage printing parameters, monitor the process, and make real-time adjustments. The XENONS X4 is ideal for outdoor signage, indoor graphics, vehicle wraps, labels, decals, and textile printing and custom apparel. Advantages of eco-solvent printing include environmental responsibility, odor-free printing, a wide color gamut, and reduced health and safety risks. The XENONS X4 sets the standard for responsible and high-quality printing, making it a powerhouse in the world of eco-solvent printing technology.


X2A-7407 Series – XENONS X4

Technical Specifications
Print Head DX7 Piezo Electric Print Head Dx7
Number of Print Head 1 Head 2 Heads
Maximum Print Width 1600mm (63″)
Print Resolution 360×720  360×1080  720×720  720×1080  1440×1440(dpi)
Print Speed 4 Pass
Max Speed Mode
17m2/hr 28m2/hr
6 Pass
Quality Mode
12m2/hr 21m2/hr
8 Pass
Precision Mode
8m2/hr 15m2/hr
16 Pass
High-Precision Mode
5m2/hr 7m2/hr
Ink Type Water Based Pigment Ink
Ink Capacity 220ml of Each Ink Cartridge
Ink Supply System Block Brake Type of Ink Supply System
Media Width 1600mm( 63″)
Type Vinyl Sheet, Indoor pp, Lightbox Cloth, Reflective material etc
Print Head Height 1.5-3mm Above Media Adjustable
Heating System Intelligent Embedded Pre-heating System
(Platen-heating Post-heating or Air Drying System Optional)
Media Adsorption Several Phase of Intelligent Air Draft, Intensity Adjustable
Feeding System Equipped (Max Media Weight 80Kg)
Auto Print Head Cleaning System Auto Cleaning System with Anti Clogged Flash Jet & Moisturizing Function
Clamp Standard Part
Auto Take System Optional Part
Data Transmission Connector USB 2.0
RIP Software Maintop, Photoprint, Wasatch
Input Power AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Printer Dimension 2730x690x372mm (LxWxH)
Packing Dimension 2900x970x750mm (LxWxH)